We are Flipside

Our goal is to empower our students to take charge of their education, preparing them for higher education and beyond.


Flipside Education is the leading provider of Flipped Classroom style enrichment and tuition classes for Secondary school students in the East. Situated at the heart of Marine Parade, we pride ourselves as a centre of excellence that provides holistic lessons in English, Mathematics, Humanities and the Sciences to our students. We are proud to deliver quality and student-centric education to our students through curriculum specially tailored for each and every student.

At Flipside Education, we believe that no student learns at the same pace, which is why we introduced the Flipped Classroom inspired learning style to our students. Students take charge of their learning pace and every step of their progress is monitored closely by our experienced teachers. We constantly source for and refine our materials to ensure that our students stay related and academically challenged.